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Great Safety Resources for Seniors

Recently my mom turned 70, and the importance of senior safety is really on my mind. Unfortunately, it is also a topic I really don’t know very much about, and so I went online to learn more. There are two main issues you need to focus on when learning more about how to create a safe environment for the elderly. First, you have to be concerned about household hazards. Second, you need to protect against seniors being targeted by criminals and others who wish to take advantage of this vulnerable population.

stair lift for the elderlyOne of the most important things I have learned is about the dangers of slips and falls to the elderly. Did you know this is one of the major causes of injury and death for senior citizens? Preventing this from occurring should be a top priority for families.

This is particularly true if you live in a household that has stairs or other uneven surfaces. Many seniors think that if they live in such a house, they need to limit themselves to being on the ground floor only (for safety reasons), or move house altogether. Fortunately, modern technological devices such as stair lifts for the elderly can make such a house completely safe for seniors. Right now we are considering installing one in our home, and we have been surprised at how reasonable the prices are.

However, installing a chair lift in your home isn’t the only thing you can do to make your house more senior friendly. Alarm devices, for example, can bring peace of mind to children who worry about their parents safety. Taking precautionary measures like not opening doors for strangers can be surprisingly effective as well.

Learning how to make your home more safe for seniors isn’t hard, but it does take a little research, thought and preparation. Fortunately, the peace of mind it brings is well worth the minimal effort it takes to make a home safe and secure for yourself or for those you love!