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Looking At Your Options For Cat Box Furniture

Cat litter box furniture has been a very popular item for pet owners in recent years. Choosing a quality piece of litter box furniture for your residence is not hard, as there are very many different makes and models currently available to choose from. No one wants to look at litter boxes in their rooms, and cat cat litter box furniture offers a great solution of what to do with the litter box your cat uses. You can check out these litter box furniture reviews to learn more about these and other litter box furniture unit and systems, including scoopfree self cleaning litter box and other great litter box solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the many different types of litter box furniture currently available for sale:

A litter box plant pot is our first suggestion. If you like the look of terracotta pots in your home, then you may like to invest in a cat litter box that looks like a plant pot. This remarkable pot is actually made from plastic and you can open it up and place a kitty litter tray inside the pot. An opening in the side of the pot that you can position to the side or back of the wall, is large enough for both small and large cats to enter and use the cat litter tray. If you position it in your house so that it faces the wall, visitors will not even know that there is a litter box inside!

Our second option is a dark wood litter box cabinet, with a mahogany finish or similar. If you have a dark wood interior d?cor for your home, then a mahogany style cabinet could be a wonderful solution. These are often made to look like a bench or a cabinet, and are very unobtrusive as well. An opening on the side of the cabinet or bench allows your cat access to the litter box hidden inside. One advantage of these units is they are usually quite large inside and some even have additional storage space. Your cat is able to have some privacy and you are able to conceal the tray and any possible odors. Some of these cabinets also have drawers for storing cat cleaning tools or other items.

Our third choice is a charming white painted litter box night stand. For a home that has a lot of white painted furniture, this is a good choice. There are many types available, some which can easily double as a night stand or bathroom cabinet. One example would be the Merry Pet Cat Washroom. This cat litter box cabinet like a cupboard or night stand unit, with a niced sized opening on the side for your cat to go in and out of when using the litter box. A standard sized cat pan will easily fit into this piece of furniture. In addition, you can easily store some additional cat tools in the night stand drawer.

Given the variety of different litter box furniture unites, there is no doubt that you can find a model that will fit well with your existing furniture. There really is no reason to have your cat litter box out in the open with all the options available these days. Many cats actually prefer the privacy of these units and most will have no problem adapting to using one of these furniture pieces.